• TOGED Member

TOGED Member

As a member of TOGED (Game Developers Association of Turkey) we have a passion for game development and a mission to contribute to the growth of the video game industry.

  • Synertial Distributor

Synertial Distributor

In Turkey and Iran, we are the official distributor of Synertial, which is one of the most advanced motion capture systems in the world. We provide animation services, motion capture system rental/sales and technical support.

  • iOS Developer

iOS Developer

We are developing games and applications that are working on all Apple tablets and smart phones.

  • Android Developer

Android Developer

We are ready to provide game and application solutions for Android. You can follow our games in this platform!

  • Microsoft Software Partner

Microsoft Software Partner

We are using .NET technology for most of our projects. Nakrum is just an example! We are ready to serve solutions for .NET with many years of experience.

  • Intel Software Partner

Intel Software Partner

Panteon is now a software partner of the Intel. In this partnership, there will be several projects for Windows 8 soon!

  • İşaret Dilim is Finalist In “Most Innovative Mobile App” Category

İşaret Dilim is Finalist In “Most Innovative Mobile App” Category

  • 9 February 2018

İşaret Dilim which developed for Turkcell by us is finalist in “Most Innovative Mobile App” category at annual GSMA awards!

  • Thank you Jammers!

Thank you Jammers!

  • 30 January 2018

As GGJ ATOM is over, we would like to thank every one which develops amazing and inspirational games! See you next year.

  • Join us at GGJ ATOM

Join us at GGJ ATOM

  • 16 January 2018

We’ll be participating 2018 GGJ too.  We are participating as whole crew so you are welcome to stop by to our booth.

  • Panteon New Year Dinner

Panteon New Year Dinner

  • 28 December 2017

With our growing by leaps and bounds family, we had a dinner only a few days left before New Year for wishing to have more success in 2018.

  • İşaret Dilim is Published

İşaret Dilim is Published

  • 30 November 2017

The app “İşaret Dilim” in December 2016 as we sold to Turkcell, today published in app stores. Our Developer team attends to launch event.

  • We Played MoBu with Minister of Economy

We Played MoBu with Minister of Economy

  • 16 November 2017

With the attendance of Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, on behalf of getting know to game firms closely, we played MoBu and had enjoyable moments.

  • We entered PitStop at Cyprus

We entered PitStop at Cyprus

  • 23 October 2017

Our investor Teknasyon and Panteon crew went PitStop for learning with seminars and enjoying with games.

  • Panteon Celebrates it’s 5. Year

Panteon Celebrates it’s 5. Year

  • 21 July 2017

We celebrated our 5th year in our renewed office with a spectacular party. Thank you to everyone who showed up and supported us.

  • We Joined Forces!

We Joined Forces!

  • 25 May 2017

From now, we moving on with Teknasyon. As having investment from Teknasyon, we will lead to successful projects.

  • Panteon goes to GDC!

Panteon goes to GDC!

  • 23 February 2017

Panteon goes to GDC event this year where take place in America – San Fransisco