Panteon is a game development company which is established by an experienced group of game developers who created Turkey’s first browser based games such as ‘Savasim'(2004), Son Savaş (2008), Orta Doğu Savaşı (2009) of which all became a success.

After the development of 6 different browser based games and building an in-house game engine, a strategic choice directed company’s all experience and knowledge to mobile platform and started developing mobile games with 2 specialized teams.

Our developer teams include specialists from all the disciplines that are essential to video game production pipeline. We cooperate with domestic and foreign developers and publishers in an agile environment with facilities ranging from designing of a game, to coding/testing and composing music and creating sound effects.

Besides developing games that entertain, Panteon has R&D projects on education and provides solutions that include educational games or applications for corporations and government institutions such as M.E.B. and A.F.A.D.

Our office in METU Technopolis is equipped with technology that is capable of hand, face and body motion capture along with the high-end tools that are essential for developing great games and creating animation clips. This technology is currently being used for TUBITAK backed R&D projects such as “Conversion of speech to sign language”.