İşaret Dilim App Goes to Turkcell

We developed and sold to Turkcell an app named “İşaret Dilim” for hearing-impaired.

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We await you in CeBIT expo!

Between 11-14th of September we are going to showcase our “Turkish Sign Language Digital Translator”, motion capture services and educational game projects in Istanbul Exhibition Center.

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Time to cook with your tablets!

Flavour Cuisine, a slicing game we developed for Turkcell, is published in AppStore and Google Play. Are you ready to challenge the virtual world with your cooking prowess ?

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Hero Zero is over 1 million!

Hero Zero mobile application, an app we’ve developed for Playata’s popular browser game, has reached over 1 million players in AppStore and Google Play!

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Legendary Team Pre-release Trailer

Legendary Team Pre-release Trailer is published. click here to watch it!

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Meteor is released on Google Play

An educational mathematical brain teaser game, Meteor, which is developed for “Fatih” project is published on Google Play. Click here to download it!

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First images from Legendary Team!

New visuals are revealed for the Legendary Team which is being developed by our mobile team for 6 months…

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Fatih Project

We developed Meteor and Cop Sehri for the tablets distributed by Fatih Project. They will be in the android market soon…

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Nakrum will be ready for Facebook!

Nakrum successfully completed the test publishes and it will be on Facebook soon with a new interface and many new features!

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Hero Zero Mobile

The popular browser game, which has 3.5 million players around the world, Hero Zero’s mobile version is being developed by Panteon…

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