TOGED Member

As a member of TOGED (Game Developers Association of Turkey) we have a passion for game development and a mission to contribute to the growth of the video game industry.

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Synertial Distributor

In Turkey and Iran, we are the official distributor of Synertial, which is one of the most advanced motion capture systems in the world. We provide animation services, motion capture system rental/sales and technical support.

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iOS Developer

We are developing games and applications that are working on all Apple tablets and smart phones.

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Android Developer

We are ready to provide game and application solutions for Android. You can follow our games in this platform!

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Microsoft Software Partner

We are using .NET technology for most of our projects. Nakrum is just an example! We are ready to serve solutions for .NET with many years of experience.

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Intel Software Partner

Panteon is now a software partner of the Intel. In this partnership, there will be several projects for Windows 8 soon!

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