Project Description

Meet MoBu, the laziest ape in the jungle, who has the appetite of 5 elephants. One day MoBu meets a whimsical voodoo magician MaGu, who lends MoBu a supernatural power that allows him to infinitely extend his arms. However, if MoBu wants to satisfy his hunger now, he has to eat bananas… A lot of bananas. MoBu is an action-packed simple platformer game with fun mechanics designed for mobile devices. Instead of running or flying, MoBu juggles his lengthy arms to race against his hunger. Maneuver through uniquely designed environments like vile jungles and toxic dumps. The innovative game mechanics, combined with the beautiful and humorous art style, will give you a memorable and funny game experience.


*Don’t forget that it is almost impossible to finish the game! You need nerves and reflexes like steel.

*Race through 75 episodes in 5 unique environments.

-A hollow forest with lots of foul creatures.

-A swamp with chemical and nuclear wastes.

– A volcanic vent with lots of lava.

-Halloween Special: Nightmare Forest

-Golden temple with tons of challenges.


*With 23 different clothes, dress MoBu as you like!

*Watch your victory and share with your friends.

– In the end each run, you can share your gameplay video and brag to your friends about your victory.

-Can upload your videos to EveryPlay and you can share your gameplay on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

– Bonus: You can even record yourself when you playing the game.