Hero Zero Mobile

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The mobile version of Hero Zero game, which is is developed by Playata (Germany) and released in 11 countries and has a player mass of 4 million, is developed and will be maintained by Panteon. Hero Zero Mobile is developed as a hybrid mobile application using HTML5 & CSS3 according to Playata’s specifications. This […]




Meteor is a mobile educational arcade type game that involves a group of scientists who are trying to prevent meteors from falling to the surface of Earth. Game Mechanics improve fast thinking abilities and mathematical thinking capabilities as well as help improve knowledge of «division» and «prime factorization». Meteor, is developed for use in […]


Garbage City

Garbage City is a fun, educational game which has a mission to deliver. The mission is to create environmentally aware people who can categorize which trash belongs to where.

The game starts with random pieces of litter around the scene. Players can pick up and throw these to their matching recycle bins. The challenge factor […]


Great Escape

Our hero gives struggle to release himself from the shackles of injustice. The only thing he desires is to be freed from his prison once and for all. To achieve this, he has to work his way out to the bone, through numerous drawbacks and enemies from within, haphazardly using whatever tools and equipment […]



Three unique races: Alpha, Azur, and Atlantis. All share the same purpose: To survive as the ultimate ruler of the universe. Belaying this greater quest are the great conflicts to resolve, collusions to withstand against and surviving starvation against shady trade contracts. Above all, only one thing remains to be done. Define your best […]