Terms and Conditions

§1 Applicability and Requirements

1. The following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) regulate the use of the game’s contents and the associated additional services, which are available on the iOS and Android by Panteon. Conflicting terms and conditions of the user are explicitly declined. You can only be granted access to the game if you agree to these GTC. You may view these GTC at any time at the website under the heading GTC and print and/or save them for you records.
2. the game is operated by:
ODTU Teknokent Galyum Blok 10-B
Cankaya/ Ankara TURKEY (hereinafter “Operator”).
Details regarding Panteon can be accessed under the legal information Imprint.
3. With your agreement to these GTC, you acknowledge the respectively current version of these GTC.
4. These GTC completely replace older versions of the GTC for the game.
5. The game’s contents and other services of Panteon are continually developed, updated and adapted. For this reason, the user is only able to participate in the most recent version of the game.
6. The connection of the user to the internet itself as well as the system requirements necessary in that regard, particularly the mobile device used, are not services of Panteon and therefore are not a part of these terms of use. The user is personally responsible for ensuring that the hardware and software he or she uses is compatible, up-to-date and secure.
7. Using the basic version of the game is free-of-charge. Certain features, however, are only available to paying users (see § 5 of these GTC in this regard).
8. Panteon shall provide communication possibilities to the user for personal content and contributions. This particularly includes official forums on the internet sites operated by Panteon, which the user may use within the scope of the actual availability. In doing so, Panteon shall provide the technical possibilities for the exchange of information alone in this regard. However, there is no entitlement to the availability of such communication possibilities. The provider is not capable of exercising direct control over all submitted entries. The provider cannot permanently monitor the contributions of visitors and members online. Therefore, he shall not be held responsible for the content, accuracy or the form of individually submitted contributions. Every user as an author is responsible for his own contribution. The publication of illegal, offensive and/or criminal contributions is expressly forbidden. Every user shall be obligated to comply with existing legal provisions revealed, for example in criminal law, in laws regarding the protection of minors, trademark laws, copyright laws and the laws governing unfair competition, at all times. Including commercial advertisements in the contributions, regardless in what form, for example as text, a link or pop-up banners, is also forbidden. Panteon reserves the right to delete entries and to revoke the write-authorization of individual users for a specific period of time or entirely. We explicitly point out that Panteon shall not accept responsibility for any type of damages resulting in connection with the use of the forums! In addition, the game rules apply according to § 7 and the protection of copyrights and the rights of third parties according to § 9 of these conditions of use.

§2 Finalization and Content of the Agreement

1. For the establishment of the agreement, the user must complete the registration form. The user may register to participate in the game for free by entering a valid e-mail address and a password in the registration form. The e-mail address must belong to the user personally and he must be capable of being reached regularly at that address for the duration of the use of the game due to the fact that Panteon generally communicates via e-mail. Accordingly, the use of one-way addresses (so-called “trash mail”) is explicitly forbidden. Registration is only permitted for natural persons.
2. Upon registering, the user can select an acceptable game name (nickname). The game name may not violate the rights of third parties or the accepted principles of morality. There is no entitlement to the issuance of a special username. Inacceptable usernames, in particular, are e-mail and internet addresses and words that do not correlate to the technical requirements.
3. The presentation of our game portal does not represent a binding offer. Only with the completion of the registration form does the user provide a binding offer according for the finalization of an agreement. For this process, all data fields identified as mandatory fields of the registration form must be completed and, in conclusion, verified by clicking the OK button according to § 2 section 1 of these GTC. Following receipt of your offer, you shall receive an e-mail sent automatically to the e-mail address you provided in the registration form with which we shall verify the acceptance of your offer. An agreement with Panteon shall first ensue with the receipt of the declaration of acceptance of this verification e-mail.
4. The user is not entitled to the registration, release or participation in the game. Panteon is authorized to decline a verification and acceptance of the registration without providing reasons.

§3 Duties of the User

1. Through registering, the user ensures that he is of age. To the extent that the user is a minor, he ensures that an effective approval of the legal representative exists with the submission of the registration application.
2. A registration may only occur personally and not automatically nor through third parties.
3. The user shall be obligated to participate with only one account per game world from the game. This means a previously registered user is only able to open a new account in the same game world if the previous account was deleted. Creating and managing multiple accounts in the same game world (multi-accounts) is forbidden. Such multi-accounts can be blocked and deleted by Panteon at their discretion and at any time without warning.
4. The user shall be obligated upon registering to use his account exclusively for private purposes in the context of participation in the game. Commercial use of any kind, including for the distribution of advertisement and other commercial offers, is explicitly forbidden.
5. The account is person-related and absolutely not transferrable. Therefore, the user shall be obligated to refrain from transferring his account to third parties either for payment or through gifts.
6. The user shall be obligated to keep his log-in data and particularly his passwords absolutely safe and to protect them from unauthorized access by third parties. The terms “log-in data” or “passwords” shall mean all letters and/or characters and/or digit sequences used to authenticate the user, the use of which by unauthorized third parties should be excluded. The password may not be identical to the game name and must contain a combination of numbers and letters.
7. The user is prohibited from using the log-in data of another user.
8. The user shall be obligated to immediately contact operator if there is suspicion that third parties have retrieved or may have retrieved the log-in data in an unauthorized manner. If there is suspicion of misuse or the threat of misuse, Panteon is permitted to temporarily block the accounts involved until the suspicion is cleared.
9. The use of the offers from Panteon while using anonymizing services, which suppress or falsify the true IP address of the user, is not permitted.
10. Manipulative interferences in the game are prohibited. This particularly includes the use of software and mechanisms that disrupt the progress of the game or create an unfair advantage for the user over the other players. Among others, the creation and/or use of hacks, cheats, bots, data mining tools and automated browser plug-ins are prohibited.
11. The user shall be obligated to comply with the game rules according to § 7 of these GTC.

§4 Duties of Panteon

1. Panteon enables every accepted participant to participate in the game free-of-charge.
2. Panteon ensures the ability to reach the game contents of at least 90% in the annual mean. This regards the accessibility of the game contents of the game from the server of Panteon. Panteon shall provide no guarantee for potential connection errors on the part of internet providers. Interruptions and disturbances, which are necessary due to required maintenance work, are also excluded from this guarantee.
3. Panteon shall be obligated to counter the risk of data loss through appropriate data protection measures (back-ups). Unfortunately, in the case of a loss of data, it is impossible to reproduce completed game activities, which occurred after the time period of the back-up. Panteon is committed to accommodating affected users in relevant cases by using game-related measures to provide rectification. There shall be no entitlement to accommodating services or to statuses that lie beyond the time of the conducted back-up.

§5 Purchase of Items from Panteon, Payments

1. The creation of the account and the use of the basic version of the game are free.
2. The user has the possibility of obtaining virtual currency that can be used to acquire features, i.e. individual additional services as opposed to the basic version (hereinafter “Features”), with the payment of a fee, exclusively from Panteon. The fee for the respective currency as well as the exact description and functionality of the respective features are shown in detail on the website of the game. The listed prices represent customer prices including applicable Sales Tax and Crediting.
3. The user shall not be obligated to purchase virtual currency and features.
4. Panteon is authorized to demand fees in advance for the purchase of the virtual currency and features. The fees for the purchase of virtual currency shall be payable upon finalizing the agreement, i.e. with the verification of the user regarding the purchase of virtual currency.
5. For your safety, we have joined with recognized and trustworthy payment systems. The payments shall be conducted through the selection of a certain payment system (e.g. PayPal, credit card, Premium-SMS) with the respective service provider. The user shall not be entitled to the fact that Panteon offers or maintains certain payment systems. The fees shall be drafted according to the selection of the user.
6. Panteon reserves the right to change the type, scope and content of the features as well as to discontinue offering them and/or to offer them in the free basic version.
7. In the case of a delayed payment, Panteon is authorized to discontinue the features and to block the respective account of the user. The duty of the user to pay the agreed upon fee shall remain unaffected from this.
8. Features acquired with virtual currency within the game (for example waiting time decreases, items, energy) can not be returned; thus there is no obligation to refund fees the user has paid to get virtual currency (unless separately agreed otherwise).
9. Panteon is not obligated to refund lost virtual currency or lost features, particularly not in the case of a termination of the usage agreement.

ODTU Teknokent Galyum Blok 10-B
Cankaya/ Ankara TURKEY

Consequences of Cancellation

In the case of an effective withdrawal, the services received by both parties, and any benefits gained from the use of such services (e.g. interest), must be returned. If you cannot return the received services and usages (e.g. ingame advantages) to us, or if you can return the services only in part or in deteriorated condition, you may have to compensate us…